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Free Trade Agreements

Free trade agreements play a major role in international red meat exports. See tabs below for USMEF summaries and analysis on the impact of U.S. trade agreements for U.S. red meat exports. 

NOTE: In 2018, the Korea-U.S. FTA was successfully renegotiated with no changes in market access terms for U.S. beef and pork.


The FTA means:

  • Duties of 40 percent to zero by 2026, over 15 years.

  • Duties are reduced by 2.7 percent each year.

  • Beef variety meat: duties of 18 percent to zero by 2026, over 15 years.


Duties on U.S. pork (22.5 percent on chilled pork and 25 percent on frozen pork) have been phased out:

  • To zero by January 1, 2016 for “frozen other” (the category which accounts for the largest share of U.S. exports).

  • To zero by January 1, 2014 for frozen bellies and other bone-in frozen cuts, most offal (from 18%) and most processed products (reduced from 27% or 30% for most products) .

  • To zero over 10 years for chilled cuts, with a safeguard.

  • Sausages initially 18% for 1601.00.1000 were phased to zero by 2016 (most trade occurs under this category).

  • Sausages initially 30% for 1601.00.9000 were phased to zero by 2014.