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Pork exports to Japan continue to soar

Published: Aug 12, 2008

(Audio with Greg Hanes, the U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Japan director)

While U.S. pork exports are hitting record levels in many global markets, Japan remains the top destination for U.S. pork in terms of value. Pork exports to Japan are up about 20 percent in value during the first half of 2008, compared to the same period a year ago.

Many are quick to attribute this momentum to the weakness of U.S. dollar versus the Japanese yen. But as Greg Hanes, who is based in Tokyo as director of the U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Japan operations, explains, the exchange rate may not be as a big a factor as many market analysts claim.

Audio Clip #1:              :25        Outcue:           “… that same average price. ”

Hanes says imported pork has become more attractive to Japanese consumers due to the large increases that nation is experiencing in livestock feeding and production costs. But while imports are available in Japan from several pork-producing countries, the quality and consistency of U.S. pork is making it the preferred choice of more and more Japanese consumers.  

Audio Clip #2               :36        Outcue:           “… choice for each day.”

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The U.S. Meat Export Federation ( is the trade association responsible for developing international markets for the U.S. red meat industry and is funded by USDA, exporting companies, and the beef, pork, corn, sorghum and soybean checkoff programs.