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Mata audio on Mexico value cuts

Published: Oct 01, 2008

(Audio with Dr. Anton “Tony” Mata (pronounced Mah-tuh), meat scientist and longtime consultant to the U.S. beef industry)

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Beef value cuts, derived from cuts that for decades had been used only for ground beef, have recently gained great popularity in the United States in both the foodservice and retail sectors. In an effort to extend the profile of beef value cuts beyond the domestic market, the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and the Texas Beef Council teamed up last week to promote the quality and affordability of these items to Wal-Mart directors and employees in Mexico. Led by Dr. Anton “Tony” Mata, beef value cuts seminars were conducted in Monterrey and Mexico City.  Dr. Mata is a noted meat scientist who has a long history with beef value cuts, having served as a consultant to the beef industry since 1994. He said participants in the seminars showed great enthusiasm for beef value cuts.

Audio Clip #1:              :20        Outcue: “…very receptive audience.”

Proper cooking of beef value cuts can sometimes be challenging for retail customers, making it all the more important to provide meat cutters and other personnel with information they can use to educate consumers. Mata noted that Wal-Mart already has a head start on this process, thanks to a program sponsored by USMEF.

Audio Clip #2:              :14        Outcue: “… those chefs asked.”

Dr. Mata demonstrated how to properly harvest the Flat Iron, Petit Tender, and Ranch Cut steaks from the shoulder clod. From the chuck roll, he showed participants how to obtain the Delmonico, Ranch Cut, and Country Style boneless cuts. He expressed surprise at how quickly those in attendance picked up on these techniques.

Audio Clip #3:              :20        Outcue: “… did it very, very well.”

In addition to the retail marketing opportunities for beef value cuts in Mexico, Dr. Mata feels these items hold great potential for Mexico’s foodservice sector.

Audio Clip #4:              :29        Outcue: “… to the foodservice operator.”

Mexico is currently the largest foreign market for U.S. beef and beef variety meats, importing 240,820 metric tons (531 million pounds) between Jan. 1 and July 31 of this year, at a value of just under $825 million. July exports to Mexico totaled 40,930 metric tons (90.2 million pounds) valued at nearly $147 million – breaking the all-time record for beef exports to Mexico in a single month.

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