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Export Library Updated for Taiwan

Published: Nov 07, 2009

Nov. 7, 2009 - The FSIS Library of Export Requirements for Taiwan was updated late Friday night, allowing some beef products slaughtered on or after Nov. 2 to be certified for export to Taiwan. However, because the Taiwan government has stressed that the old EV program for Taiwan is no longer valid for cattle slaughtered on or after Nov. 2, export of any products from cattle slaughtered on or around this date must be very carefully managed. 

In particular, clear segregation must be made between production associated with the old Taiwan EV program and the new Taiwan EV program and the QSA program.  On or after Nov. 2, product will not be eligible for export unless produced according to the new Taiwan EV program and the QSA program. But please take note: the effective date for an individual plant is not necessarily Nov. 2 - it is when the facility is approved by AMS for the new EV program and QSA. 

Another point that must be given careful attention is the slaughter date range. Product is likely to be rejected or detained if the export certificate indicates a slaughter date range that overlaps Nov. 2, 2009. 

Also note that at this point in time, the new program is only effective for de-boned beef. Updates to the Export Library for additional products are anticipated, but are not yet in place.

USMEF will provide further updates as more information becomes available. Please address any immediate questions to Kevin Smith at or 303-887-3334.

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