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Asia Expo Video News Releases

Published: Apr 28, 2004

U.S. Meat Export Federation recently introduced more than 30 U.S. producers and other industry represenatatives to meat marketing in Japan and China. Three video news releases were developed from this experience. We are experimenting with the idea of providing online previews of these releases. These files are, by nature, relatively large and we recommend using a high-speed Internet connection to view them by clicking on the links below. Send comments to Television media: if you have not already received broadcast quality copies of these VNRs and would like to, please contact Baxter Communications at (317) 638-2338.

Video News Release 1 is an overview of the Asia Market Expo and details about the Japanese and Chinese markets.

Video News Release 2 is more specific to U.S. beef marketing efforts in these markets.

 Video News Release 3 deals with U.S. pork promotion in these markets.