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USMEF Launches First U.S. Beef Retail Promotion in Peru

Published: Aug 04, 2011
SUPEMSA (Suizo Peruana de Embutidos S.A.) is a Peruvian company specializing in the import and processing of beef and pork. SUPEMSA has a strong presence throughout Peru with two signature brands: Otto Kunz, its premium line, and La Segoviana, which features more economically priced cuts. Under the Otto Kunz label, SUPEMSA has partnered with USMEF to launch three U.S. beef cuts for the retail meat case: New York strips, ribeyes, and short ribs. This marks the first-ever major retail promotion of U.S. beef in Peru.
The product is sold in two-piece, vacuum-sealed packages of 220 grams or 380 grams each, complete with the brand, cut name, origin, USDA Choice logo and USMEF logo. For the initial launch, it is available in eight Vivanda stores and 14 Wong stores in Lima.

USDA’s Regional Agricultural Counselor Emiko Purdy participated in the launch, highlighting Peru as a promising market for U.S. beef and pork and supporting USMEF’s initiatives to encourage consumption of U.S. red meat in Peru. The event attracted excellent media coverage, including a feature article in Gestion, Peru’s leading business newspaper. Consumer interest in the product launch was also heightened by its timing, which corresponded with Peruvian national holidays July 28-29.

During the promotion, tasting samples are being offered to customers at Vivanda and Wong stores, with U.S. flags and Otto Kunz promotional materials helping draw attention to the featured items.

Peru has been a mainstay market for U.S. beef variety meat for many years - especially beef livers – but is a growing market for beef muscle cuts. Through May, total U.S. beef and beef variety meat exports to Peru totaled 4,684 metric tons (10.3 million pounds) valued at $7.14 million. This is a 54 percent increase in volume and a 52 percent increase in value over the first five months of 2010. Muscle cuts accounted for $1.9 million of the export value, which is a 76 percent increase from a year ago.