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USMEF-Korea Supports Nebraska Ag Trade Mission

Published: Sep 08, 2023

A delegation representing Nebraska agriculture was in South Korea two weeks ago to meet customers and grow trade opportunities for Nebraska products. USMEF-Korea set up several meetings and market tours for the group, which included Governor Jim Pillen and representatives of several USMEF member organizations, including Nebraska Beef Council, Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation.

Highlights included a meeting with Homeplus executives and a store visit where U.S. beef and pork were promoted. Speaking from Korea on a media conference call, Gov. Pillen recapped his experience helping USMEF promote U.S. beef and pork at the Homeplus store in Seoul.

“We just finished up this afternoon at an incredible business called Homeplus, with over 125 stores in South Korea, and they feature Nebraska beef,” he said. “We saw lots of shoppers purchasing Nebraska beef and having a great appreciation for the quality. Just an incredible privilege to be on this trade mission, selling Nebraska and representing all Nebraskans.”

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue also complimented USMEF-Korea staff for giving the delegation an in-depth look at consumer trends in Korea and the factors driving demand for U.S. red meat.

Funding for the promotion was provided by the Beef Checkoff Program, Nebraska Beef Council and Nebraska Soybean Board.

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen and Homeplus CEO Lee Jae-hoon distribute U.S. pork and beef samples to customers at a Homeplus outlet in Seoul.