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U.S. Pork Makes Headway in Malaysia

Published: Oct 17, 2023

With imported pork demand surging in Malaysia this year, USMEF is working to grow consumer awareness and create a visible presence for U.S. pork in Kuala Lumpur. U.S. pork promotions took place in September at 20 modern retail outlets in Malaysia’s capital city. Purchasing incentives also attracted consumers to the promotions.

“Consumers are seeking convenience and higher quality products in Malaysia, as they are throughout the ASEAN region,” says ASEAN Director Sabrina Yin. “While our market development programs in Malaysia focus on importers and processors, these retail promotions will also show the trade that there is consumer demand for high-quality U.S. pork.”

U.S. pork exports to Malaysia increased 1,557% by volume, reaching 3,729 mt from Jan.-Aug., with value increasing 1,497% to $12 million. Domestic production in Malaysia continues to be impacted by African swine fever and opportunities for U.S. exporters have also increased due to tighter supplies of European pork. 

Funding for the promotions was provided by Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

U.S. pork promotions took place at 20 retail outlets in Kuala Lumpur, with 10 of the outlets providing U.S. pork samples.