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U.S. Pork Highlighted at Vietnamese Women Day Events

Published: Nov 12, 2020

Educating consumers about the availability of U.S. Pork in the Vietnam market and sharing ideas for pork dishes that can be prepared at home, USMEF conducted a series of events in coordination with the Women’s Cultural Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Funded by the National Pork Board and the Indiana Soybean Alliance, the activity was held in conjunction with Vietnamese Women Day, a national day of recognition.

USMEF conducted a cooking show that engaged more than 300 attendees and was livestreamed on Facebook. Cutting and cooking demonstrations were supplemented by U.S. pork recipe-sharing events and tasting sessions.

Tran Khuong, a television director and social media influencer in Vietnam who has more than 3.4 million subscribers, was the centerpiece of the cooking show, preparing U.S. pork belly with cream cheese. The livestream attracted 1,800 viewers, while video posts on the hosts own social media channel had 115,000 viewers. It drew 386 comments and nearly 3,000 Facebook “likes.”

To supplement the cooking show, USMEF created a “U.S. Pork Corner” that stood for two days at the Women’s Cultural Center. Information about U.S. pork was shared at the site, which featured interactive games and the U.S. pork mascot. Hundreds of participants snapped photos of the activity and posted them on social media.

An informative “U.S. Pork Wall” built by USMEF will remain in place at the Women’s Cultural Center for a three-month period. The panel includes nutritional information and cooking tips. The goal is to educate Vietnamese women about U.S. pork and encourage them to try different U.S. pork dishes at home and in restaurants.

Vietnamese celebrity Tran Khuong, left, prepares U.S. pork belly at the Women’s Cultural Center in Ho Chi Minh City during a Vietnamese Women Day event organized by USMEF