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U.S. Pork and Beef Nutrition Showcased at Ironman Event in Colombia

Published: Jan 25, 2024

USMEF partnered with Colombian importers to promote U.S. pork and beef nutrition and product availability during an athletic competition in Cartagena. When promoting the health and nutritional benefits of high-quality U.S. pork and beef in Latin America, USMEF sometimes establishes a high-profile U.S. industry presence at targeted events in key markets. One recent event was in Colombia, where an Ironman competition brought health and nutrition-conscious athletes and families together for three days in Cartagena.

With an audience focused on nutrition and athletic performance, USMEF put U.S. pork and beef on full display, highlighting its nutritional benefits for athletes, their families and Colombia’s flourishing sports community. USMEF brought two medical doctors to the industry booth to explain how high-quality red meat is part of a healthy diet and why athletes must have protein-rich red meat to maximize their performances.

The Ironman competition also provided an excellent opportunity to promote the expanding availability of high-quality U.S. red meat products throughout Colombia.

“U.S. red meat is superior in taste, versatility and nutrition and is worth seeking out,” explains USMEF Colombia Representative Maria Ruiz. “We invited three importers to join us during the event so they could promote their U.S. red meat products and show visitors where this product is available in Colombia.”

USMEF Chef Nicolas Diaz provided cutting demonstrations, offered cooking recommendations for several U.S. pork and beef cuts and prepared protein-rich samples during the three-day Ironman event in Cartagena.
U.S. pork and beef kabobs helped athletes recover from the 70.3 mile Ironman competition.

QR codes were also printed on table cards so visitors could find U.S. pork and beef where they live.

Each of the importers donated U.S. pork and beef products for demonstrations and sampling. USMEF Chef Nicolas Diaz discussed U.S. product safety and the quality attributes of grain-fed product while providing cutting demonstrations and cooking recommendations. Recipes, nutritional information, tips on defrosting frozen meat and how to smoke U.S. red meat were also shared with booth visitors. Chef Diaz prepared protein-rich pork and beef samples for visitors and pork and beef kabobs for athletes to aid in their recovery from the grueling race.

Funding support was provided by the Beef Checkoff Program, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Illinois Soybean Association and USDA’s Market Access Program.