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U.S. Beef Roadshow Kicks Off in Dubai

Published: Sep 07, 2022
Six events, five countries, 12 days; USMEF partnered with a famous U.S. chef to boost demand for a wider range of U.S. beef cuts in the Middle East

Reflecting strong economies and a rebound in tourism, demand for U.S. beef is picking up in the Middle East. U.S. beef exports to the region were up 9% in volume and 59% by value through July, following increases of 6% by volume and 38% in value for 2021.

Optimism about U.S. beef was evident at the Gulfood show earlier this year, triggering the planning of an event series to broaden the regional trade's perception U.S. beef. Thus was born the “U.S. Beef Roadshow,” a series of events using noted U.S. Chef Jay McCarthy to promote a wide range of U.S. beef cuts in the Middle East.

The region has traditionally been a major buyer of inexpensive protein such as beef livers and a solid customer for high-quality, middle-meat steak cuts in upscale hotels. The roadshow series is intended to reach new audiences by promoting alternative, economical cuts of U.S. beef and slow-cooking methods that produce exceptional flavor.

The roadshow series kicked off with a reception in Dubai on Sept. 2 and will travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Doha, Qatar; and end at a barbecue event in Cairo, Egypt, on Sept. 14. Chef McCarthy will conduct U.S. beef training workshops at each stop for distributors, chefs, foodservice personnel, butchers and retailers. Funding support is provided by the Beef Checkoff Program and USDA’s Market Access Program.

Chef Jay McCarthy was a featured presenter at a reception in Dubai that launched a series of regional events about U.S. beef