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U.S. Beef Cooking Demonstrations Target UAE’s HRI Sector

Published: May 17, 2018

Working to increase the visibility of U.S. beef in the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) HRI sector and gain confidence among chefs and foodservice operators, USMEF coordinated two cooking demonstrations at recent Emirates Culinary Guild meetings at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai. Funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, these sessions allowed participating chefs to taste a variety of U.S. beef cuts prepared using different cooking methods and styles. USMEF is a contractor of the Beef Checkoff Program.

Chefs prepare U.S. beef dishes at Emirates Culinary Guild meetings in Dubai

More than 120 chefs, junior chefs, importers and foodservice operators attended the day-long workshops.

Attendees sample dishes made with U.S. beef brisket, short ribs and tenderloin at the Emirates Culinary Guild meetings in Dubai

“The demonstrations succeeded not only in increasing awareness of U.S. beef but also introduced decision makers in the foodservice industry to new ways of preparing and presenting dishes made with U.S. beef,” said Eliane Elia, USMEF representative in the Middle East. “For example, the chefs learned more about slow cooking methods for beef along with detailed explanations of the best cooking applications for each of the U.S. beef cuts that were highlighted. After sampling each of the dishes, the chefs – as well as those on the business side of the foodservice industry – talked about the outstanding flavor and juiciness of slow-cooked U.S. beef.”

During the Culinary Guild meetings, USMEF set up a display table where attendees were offered samples of different U.S. beef cuts, including brisket served in Arabic bread, Asian-style short ribs with Thai sauce and roasted tenderloin. Educational materials were also distributed to enhance product knowledge.

Asian-style U.S. beef short ribs were served during USMEF’s cooking demonstrations in Dubai

The tastings came after USMEF representative Bassam Bousaleh reviewed the U.S. beef industry and explained the various cuts used in the cooking demonstration. Chef Uwe Micheel, director of kitchens at Radisson Blu Hotel and president of the Emirates Culinary Guild, also shared information on the proper cooking techniques for each cut while promoting U.S. beef as a product of choice.

Elia reported that two additional USMEF cooking demonstrations are scheduled, aiming to further familiarize decision makers with U.S. beef in the Middle East’s growing HRI sector.