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Texas-style Barbecue Events Promote U.S. Beef in Jordan

Published: Jan 26, 2018

USMEF partnered with two different styles of restaurants in Amman, Jordan, to promote U.S. beef and Texas-style barbecue techniques. Held in collaboration with Cattleman Joe’s Restaurant and Grill and the Rodeo Grill Steakhouse at the Amman Rotana Hotel, the promotions were funded by the Texas Beef Council (TBC) and designed to help local importers and HRI representatives grow their businesses by selling more U.S. beef.

Customers at Cattleman Joe’s Restaurant line up for U.S. beef burgers at a Texas Barbecue Night in Amman

The Rodeo Grill is a fine dining restaurant, while Cattleman Joe’s is a typical American West casual family dining outlet, explained Lina Kanaan, USMEF representative in the region.

“It was the first time a Texas beef promotion has been conducted in Jordan,” said Kanaan. “USMEF and the Texas Beef Council’s strategy was to introduce new U.S. beef cuts such as sirloin flank, back ribs, cowboy steak, brisket, T-bone and porterhouse steaks, applying the Texan cuisine and ingredients to spotlight a variety of U.S. beef cuts in Texan recipes, with a little western ambiance to go with it.”

Launch dinners at both restaurants were followed by promotional activities, including a “Meat Me in Texas” menu promotion at Rodeo Grill and a “Texas Beef Festival” at Cattleman Joe’s.

At Rodeo Grill, more than 60 guests – including buyers from major trading companies and five-star hotels, food bloggers, social media influencers, members of the Jordanian Chefs Association and local media representatives – attended the opening ceremony. The U.S. Embassy in Amman also participated, as U.S. Economic Counsellor Susannah Cooper gave opening remarks about the U.S. beef industry and its economic impact.

USMEF representatives and staff at the Rodeo Grill Steakhouse in Amman pose with table decorations used at the “Meat Me in Texas” promotion for U.S. beef

“Even though these cuts are new to Rodeo Grill, the ‘Meat Me in Texas’ promotions attracted considerable demand,” said Kanaan. “Orders placed during and after the promotional period were way above expectations. Feedback from the restaurants and the customers have been positive and indicative of an aptitude for favoring new U.S. beef products and a potential for higher consumption and sales of alternative U.S. beef cuts.”

U.S. Economic Counsellor Susannah Cooper speaks at the “Meat Me in Texas” event at the Rodeo Grill Steakhouse in Amman

USMEF’s partnership with Cattleman Joe’s promoted Texan cuisine and a myriad of new U.S. beef cuts, grades and menu creations. A Texas beef barbecue night attracted more than 160 guests, including key traders, executive chefs, butchers, foodservice managers, culinary experts, media executives, U.S. Embassy senior staff and many of Cattleman Joe’s top customers.

In the days following the opening event, more than 180 Jordanian parents and children came to Cattleman Joe’s to partake in a Texas Beef Festival, which allowed them to get a taste of the Texas lifestyle while grilling U.S. beef burgers and hot dogs, and preparing sloppy Joes and brisket sliders. Jordanian children enjoyed recreational activities such as face painting and cowboy family photo booths.

“The venture with Cattleman Joe’s was ideal for the Texas promotion in the sense that the restaurant is Texas-themed in its decor, wall art, staff uniforms, music and dishes,” said Kanaan. “An added value to this collaboration was the inherent U.S. beef loyalty of the owners of Cattleman Joe’s, their readiness to diversify the U.S. beef cuts served and their passion for innovation.”

Cattleman Joe’s sources U.S. beef from multiple local suppliers, so it is able to offer customers a variety of quality beef products, Kanaan said.

Overall, the promotions in Jordan conducted by USMEF and TBC were helpful in strengthening the presence of U.S. beef in the market.

“It also showed the commitment of Texas beef producers to supply the best quality beef products,” said Kanaan. “Taking into consideration the fierce competition from Australia, Brazil, India and South Africa, the effort to make buyers and food industry decision makers more aware of U.S. beef and Texas-style beef dishes came at a good time. Given the great response, it’s an effort that should continue.”

A video posted on the Facebook page of the U.S. Embassy in Jordan captures the spirit of the U.S. beef campaign. Click on the screenshot below to view online: