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South Africa Now Open to U.S. Pork

Published: Feb 26, 2016

On Feb. 26, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Export Library for South Africa was updated, restoring eligibility for U.S. pork. All pork exported to South Africa must be raw and frozen in accordance with 9 CFR 318.10., in order to meet the trichinae mitigation requirement in both certificates (see more details on these certificates below). At this time, pork offal remains ineligible for export to South Africa.

Please note there are two separate certificates for pork destined to South Africa:

  • Raw, Frozen Pork Meat for Unrestricted Sale: When exporting cuts exempt from further processing in South Africa, the exporter must ensure that the cut is listed on the Unrestricted Entry List and use this certificate. Note that to use this certificate, FSIS must be provided with documentation verifying that all visible lymph nodes have been removed from the product. Examples of how this documentation can be presented to FSIS is found in the Pork Documentation section of the FSIS Export Library page. This section also includes an extra note clarifying that any pork shoulder cuts listed in Annex A must have all visible lymph nodes and connective tissue removed before exporting.
  • Raw, Frozen Pork for Processing at Approved Facilities in South Africa: To export pork cuts not included on the Unrestricted Entry List, including trimmings and mechanically recovered meat, exporters must use this certificate.

Only slaughter and cut-up establishments listed on the approved plant list can produce pork for export to South Africa. For changes or updates to the information listed for your establishment (name, address, etc.), please contact FSIS at the email address listed in the “Plants Eligible to Export” section of the Export Library.

For establishments seeking approval for South Africa, please follow the directions listed in this section. Further processing plants and cold storage facilities do not need South Africa approval but must source all of their product from eligible meat slaughter establishments.

Exporters with questions about these requirements may email Cheyenne McEndaffer or call 303-623-6328. If you have questions about marketing opportunities in South Africa, please email Monty Brown or call him at +44-130-323-8893 (office) or +44-797-0-59-3101 (mobile).