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Rolling Billboards Promote U.S. Pork in Colombia, Peru

Published: Mar 24, 2016

A truck belonging to Peruvian importer Grupo DN features an attractive pork dish and the U.S. pork logo on both sides

Rolling billboards, with giant photos of pork dishes on the side and the U.S. pork logo prominently displayed, are spreading the U.S. pork message in Colombia and Peru. USMEF is working with two major importers to promote U.S. pork and improve product recognition in this campaign, which is funded by the Pork Checkoff.

“Each of these trucks drives thousands and thousands of miles every year,” said Jessica Julca, USMEF representative in South America, “and the importers have agreed to maintain and keep the trucks in good condition. For USMEF, it’s an opportunity to spread the name ‘U.S. pork’ to a very large audience on a daily basis as these trucks move around delivering product. The rolling billboard approach is a very effective form of advertising when you have a large area to cover.”

Two trucks belonging to Colombian importer Atlantic will carry the U.S. pork messaging for 24 months

This is not the first time USMEF has used rolling billboards to promote U.S. red meat. In 2013, USMEF installed colorful graphics on trucks belonging to a top Peruvian importer to advertise U.S. beef tripe. A truck ad program launched in the summer of 2011 also increased the visibility of U.S. products in South Korea. In that promotion, USMEF wrapped Korean delivery trucks with full-color images of U.S. beef and pork.

In the current campaign, two trucks belonging to Atlantic, a Colombian Importer and distributor of U.S. pork that specializes in serving the foodservice sector, have been wrapped with U.S. pork images. Atlantic supplies U.S. pork ribs to TGI Fridays and Andres Carne de Res, along with a host of other restaurants.

In Peru, 10 trucks participating in the campaign belong to Grupo DN, the second-largest pork importer in the country. Grupo DN owns a further processing plant in Trujillo and uses U.S. pork as a raw material in its products. It also supplies foodservice and retail channels in northern Peru and its Razzeto brand is a leader in that region of the country.

The trucks will be outfitted with the promotional wrapping for 24 months.