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Reception Honors Taiwan Restaurants’ Sustained Commitment to U.S. Beef

Published: Sep 06, 2023

Despite a slow start in 2023, U.S. beef has seen tremendous growth in exports to Taiwan during the past five years. From 2017 through 2022, U.S. beef exports to Taiwan increased 45% by volume and 82% in value, reaching a record $747 million.

Foodservice is critical to U.S. beef’s continued export growth and last month, USMEF-Taiwan hosted an awards reception for those restaurants that meet stringent requirements in a promotional program for U.S. beef. The Diamond Plus Precious (DPP) program, established in 2017, requires participating restaurants to meet rigorous qualifications related to country-of-origin disclosure, U.S. beef’s percentage share of menu and a mandatory usage of USDA Choice grade beef. Program participants undergo systematic reviews of their operations and unannounced inspection visits by USMEF staff.

The reception was attended by 116 representatives from 71 DPP-participant restaurants, officials from the Agricultural Trade Office of the American Institute in Taiwan and several media outlets.

“These restaurants were critical to maintaining U.S. beef’s exposure during the pandemic, are key to growing market share and are very valuable in positioning U.S. beef in Taiwan as top quality,” says USMEF Taiwan Director Davis Wu.

 Promotional funding for the reception was provided by the Beef Checkoff Program.

Media coverage of the USMEF reception was strong, especially of the awards presentation by Emily Scott, director of the Agricultural Trade Office of the American Institute in Taiwan.