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Promotions Encourage Consumption of U.S. Pork in Chile

Published: Jan 26, 2021

Sharing new ideas and encouraging consumption of U.S. pork in South America, USMEF partnered with Chilean chef and social media influencer Christian Bravo to promote bone-in loin.

Bravo, who launched his activity exclusively on Instagram, where he has 88,000 followers, described the thick-cut pork dish as “Chuleton Americano,” Spanish for “American Steak.” He supplemented his presentation on U.S. pork with the introduction of four new types of rubs designed for pork chops and other cuts.

The Instagram production included photos and videos that educate South American consumers on how to prepare dishes such as U.S. pork chop at home.

Retail promotions supplemented the Instagram campaign. Separate promotions conducted in Chile in December offered consumers kitchen towels that promote U.S. pork.

Christian Bravo, a chef and social media influencer in Chile, promoted U.S. pork bone-in loin and four different rubs developed for pork cuts