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New U.S. Pork Loin Product Launched in Chile

Published: Mar 07, 2023

Branded promotions work to increase consumer awareness, develop product demand and position U.S. pork as an ideal center-of-the-plate choice

In working to position U.S. pork as a high-quality, center-of-the-plate consideration for consumers in Chile, USMEF recently partnered with JBS Chile on the promotion of a new U.S. pork product online and at 140 outlets of Líder and Líder Express stores. Product samplings and enhanced point-of-sale materials supported in-store promotions in Santiago.

“We are working to demonstrate to importers and processors that U.S. pork is more than a raw material for further processing,” says Jessica Julca, USMEF South America representative.

“Chileans love pork and demand for high-quality U.S. pork products can be developed in this market. That’s why we work to support promotional initiatives that allow us to highlight U.S. pork as a differentiated product,” adds Julca.

The Swift-branded product is a boneless pork loin filet wrapped in bacon and merchandised in a small, 5-ounce vacuum pack.

Líder reports that sales of the loin product were very strong during the promotional period as staff had to replenish the product several times daily to keep up with demand. Product samplings contributed to additional 20% increases in sales at participating outlets, says Sebastian Gré, USMEF’s representative in Chile.

The branded promotion with Líder supports an overall USMEF objective to develop demand for U.S. pork loin in South America, adds Julca.

The new loin product was promoted at 140 retail outlets nationwide with product samplings at 22 locations in Santiago

USMEF also coordinated with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service to promote the new pork loin product through SaborUSA, a marketing campaign that promotes U.S. food and beverages in South American markets.

Funding support for the promotion was provided by the National Pork Board.