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‘Mobile Kitchen’ Promotes Delicious U.S. Beef in Taiwan

Published: Aug 16, 2020

A U.S. beef “mobile kitchen” cruised the streets of Taipei in July, part of a 5-month promotional plan launched by USMEF to promote U.S. beef and show support for retailers and foodservice operators in Taiwan who serve U.S. beef.

Part of the larger “Go Beef” campaign funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, the restaurant-concept truck featured video panels that show chefs preparing U.S. beef dishes. The slogan “Simply U.S. Beef, Simply Delicious” flashed regularly, along with images of U.S. beef dishes being prepared by a professional chef.

The U.S. beef “mobile kitchen” truck drove the streets of Taipei during July to promote U.S. beef and show support for the foodservice and retail sectors.

When parked, the truck’s panels were swung open, revealing a dining room setting complete with tables and chairs. A short video of the Go Beef truck can be seen

The truck’s side panels swung open to reveal a dining room setting with tables and chairs

“The truck put a spotlight on U.S. beef and was a gesture to let Taiwan’s retail and foodservice sectors know that USMEF is behind them during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Davis Wu, USMEF director in Taiwan. “It visited busy commercial areas where people congregate, especially on weekends. The effort attracted a lot of attention, as people often stopped to watch the videos playing on the side of the truck. This type of marketing activity is very effective in the Taiwan market, as it creates awareness and encourages consumers to try U.S. beef when they shop at supermarkets or dine in restaurants.”

Taiwan has not been as affected by COVID-19 as other countries, but USMEF has been cautious about conducting promotions that attract large crowds in one place. The Go Beef truck allowed U.S. beef messages to become mobile.

The overall Go Beef campaign in Taiwan includes a handful of creative promotions through the end of 2020.