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Member Alert

Published: Jul 25, 2018

(Please provide this communication to those in your organization who process ACH and wire payments to USMEF.)

Accounting Department - Banking Security Alert

Due to an email breach and identity theft, the payment information on three USMEF member invoices was fraudulently altered. Please be cautious when responding to incoming emails requesting payment to USMEF, as these requests could be fraudulent. Email communications from U.S. Meat Export Federation should only come from the “” domain (i.e., not, or any other variation). Payment should be sent to only one of the following:

  • ACH to our account at Vectra Bank
  • By U.S. mail to P.O. Box 5722, Denver, CO 80217-5722
  • Directly to USMEF at 1660 Lincoln Street, Suite 2800, Denver, CO 80264.

Please note that the only bank USMEF utilizes is Vectra Bank.

Unrelated to the above, USMEF is in the process of changing to Bank of America. A separate notice will be issued to members announcing when future payments should be directed to our Bank of America account.

Please be aware of USMEF’s new payment procedure: If sending payment via wire or ACH, please call the USMEF corporate headquarters at (303) 623-6328 and ask for either Stephen Lewis, Accounting Manager (ext. 304), or Stacie Kishiyama, Senior Accountant (ext. 306) to verify the banking information prior to sending funds.

If you have questions regarding this alert or our new procedure, please call either contact noted in this communication.