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MAP Funding Update

Published: May 22, 2013
Late yesterday, Senators Coburn (R-OK) and McCain (R-AZ) submitted an amendment to the Farm Bill (S. 954) that would reduce funding for the Market Access Program (MAP) to $160 million annually and prohibit use of funds for a variety of activities This is somewhat similar to the amendment Senator Coburn offered last year. While the amendment states it would reduce funding to levels recommended by the President, it should be noted that the Administration’s budgets since 2010, including for FY 14, have provided full funding of $200 million for MAP.

It is uncertain when the amendment will be considered, but it could be as soon as today. We encourage members to continue to reinforce to their elected representatives the importance of full funding of $200 million annually for MAP, as approved by the Senate Agriculture Committee. USMEF will continue to provide updates on legislative actions.