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Jagels Addresses Nebraska Soybean Industry Leaders

Published: Mar 27, 2015

Mark Jagels, past chairman of USMEF, addresses producers at the Nebraska Soybean Board's Farmer-Leader Issues Education Seminar

Mark Jagels, a fourth-generation farmer from Davenport, Nebraska, and immediate past chairman of USMEF, addressed soybean producers this week at the Nebraska Soybean Board's Farmer-Leader Issues Education Seminar in Lincoln.

Jagels provided the group with an overview of the mission and history of USMEF and detailed the importance of red meat exports to the profitability of the U.S. livestock industry. He summarized the 2014 export results, noting that U.S. pork and beef export value set new records of $6.67 and $7.13 billion, respectively, and per head export value also reached new heights.

The session also covered some significant challenges the U.S. industry faces in 2015, including the slowdown caused by West Coast port congestion and the surplus of European pork available in key Asian markets.

“Through both their state and national organizations, Nebraska soybean producers have been very supportive of USMEF – especially when it comes to growing global demand for U.S. pork,” Jagels said. “The producers participating in this seminar were specifically identified as emerging soybean industry leaders, and this was a great opportunity to familiarize them with USMEF’s role in bolstering the profitability of their largest customer – animal agriculture.”