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Imaging U.S. Red Meat Alongside Top Restaurants at Mexico Festival

Published: May 01, 2024

USMEF partnered with a foodservice distributor to show foodies in Mexico how to bring exceptional experiences from top restaurants into their homes. One of Mexico’s premier gastronomic festivals served as a training ground for participants through a series of masterclasses conducted by leading chefs and hosted by the U.S. pork and beef industries.

Begun 10 years ago, the Sabores Polanco Festival has become a leading gourmet food event in Mexico City, with 80 high-end restaurants and wineries serving 15,000 people over two days. Festival attendees are mainly foodies and wine lovers who are anxious to learn about new dishes.

“We invited chefs from six top restaurants to conduct masterclasses featuring their signature dishes,” said Rigoberto Treviño, USMEF Mexico trade manager. “Most dishes featured underutilized U.S. beef and pork cuts and participants were shown step-by-step how to recreate these special dishes at home.”

More than 300 participated at the masterclasses below: 

Chefs                      Restaurants          U.S. Cuts/Items                Dishes

José Ron Quillo         The Palm                       Pork jowl                         Pork jowl tacos

Federico Gallo            La Matera                     Pork loin                           Pork cowboy with avocado sauce

Mauro Lago                La Bocha                       Sweetbreads, chuck    Sweetbread entrée, grilled roast main

Miguel Hernandez   La Buena Barra         Pork belly                         Belly with La Buena Barra sauce

Germán Carballo       SLVJ                               Beef short rib                   Short rib with lettuce tortilla

Juan Arrollo                Carajillo                         Ground beef                     Burger wholly dipped in cheese

Chef Mauro Lago of La Bocha restaurant demonstrates how to grill a square-cut chuck roast at one of the six masterclasses held at a gastronomic festival in Mexico City.
Chef José Ron Quillo of The Palm taught masterclass participants how to prepare pork jowl tacos

In addition to hosting the masterclasses, USMEF provided four industry ambassadors to prepare and sample dishes for festival attendees at the U.S. red meat industry booth, including tacos, empanadas, barbacoa and chicharron.

In a festival partnership with Cerveceria Modelo, USMEF ambassadors created and sampled several beef and pork dishes that paired well with Modelo beer.

Funding support was provided by the Beef Checkoff Program, the National Pork Board and Iowa Corn Promotion Board.