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First Bone-in U.S. Beef Shipments Arrive in Hong Kong

Published: Mar 08, 2013

Saison Foodservice's Peter Fransson, ATO Director Erich Kuss and USMEF's Joel Haggard welcome back boneless U.S. beef to Hong Kong

The first U.S. bone-in beef products to land in Hong Kong in more than 9 years were presented in the marketplace today (March 8). The mix of U.S. chilled bone-in ribeyes, tomahawk cut ribeyes, and bone-in short ribs debuted at an open house purchasing reception organized by a Hong Kong beef importer, less than two weeks after the USDA’s Feb. 25 announcement of new access eligibility. U.S. boneless cuts from all ages of animals, and bone-in beef from cattle-30 months and younger can now enter Hong Kong. The new access excludes variety meat, but includes inside and outside skirt meat.

"These early products arrived by air, but most of the additional volume of beef which the new deal will generate will arrive later by sea," said John Lam, USMEF Hong Kong’s operations manager.

The products were imported from The American Foods Group by Saison Foodservice Limited. The initial shipment also included several boneless cuts derived from older cattle. By the end of the reception, sales had been made to several restaurant and private clubs, according to Saison.