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‘Farm to Table’ Helps Promote U.S. Beef at Food Taipei

Published: Sep 27, 2019

Introducing alternative cuts of U.S. beef to Taiwan’s foodservice sector and other food businesses, USMEF participated in Food Taipei, a four-day exhibition in Taiwan that has become a successful platform for both importers and exporters. Funded by the USDA Market Access Program (MAP), the Texas Beef Council (TBC) and the Beef Checkoff Program, the promotion centered around the USMEF “Farm to Table” campaign that has proven popular with Taiwanese consumers.

The USMEF booth at Food Taipei featured displays of U.S. beef alternative cuts, with USMEF staff on hand to answer questions

The 2019 edition of Food Taipei attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors and 65,000 visitors.

“Undoubtedly, Food Taipei is one of the most important food fairs in Asia and a place where new products are introduced to the Taiwanese market and to attendees from other Asian countries,” said Davis Wu, USMEF director in Taiwan. “At this year’s show, USMEF kept its focus on U.S. beef alternative cuts. Food Taipei gave us a chance to present these cuts, explain how they can be used, share information about their availability and answer buyers' questions on how to use and promote the cuts in their businesses.”

Tasting samples of U.S. beef were available at USMEF’s booth, which centered around the “Farm to Table” theme

USMEF’s booth at Food Taipei had a western theme – cowboy fashion, ranch accessories and stagecoaches – and included cutting and cooking demonstrations by Chef Fly Pan, who prepared dishes using U.S. beef clod heart, brisket, tri-tip, top sirloin cap, plate fingers and chuck ribeye.

Food Taipei attendees sampled U.S. beef and met with suppliers at the USMEF booth and display area

“We kept the cuts on display throughout the event and provided cooking inspiration and ideas for new dishes,” explained Wu.

Samples let potential customers experience the quality and flavor of U.S. beef, as Pan cooked the cuts in a variety of ways. Chuck ribeye, clod heart, petite tender, top sirloin cap and tri-tip were served American or western style, while plate fingers were grilled Chinese style and brisket made Cantonese style.

Importers, exporters and USMEF staff discussed U.S. beef and its availability at Food Taipei

Information about the origins of the U.S. beef cuts was also a very important part of the USMEF presentation.

“Our Farm to Table promotion is designed to show potential customers the steps involved in U.S. beef production, how cattle are raised safely on farms and ranches and the factors that give grain-fed U.S. beef such outstanding flavor,” said Wu. “At a large event like this, where competitors of U.S. beef are displaying their products, it’s an advantage to be able to show prospective customers how and why U.S. beef is superior.”