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Expanding Retail Pork Cuts in Honduras

Published: Feb 20, 2013
USMEF recently concluded an aggressive retail promotion for U.S. pork in Honduras, partnering with popular supermarket chain La Colonia. The three-month promotional campaign was made possible through support from the Pork Checkoff.

A La Colonia advertisement highlights U.S. pork

The promotion focused on La Colonia stores in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, which has a metropolitan area population of more than 1.3 million. Of La Colonia’s 24 supermarkets in Honduras, 16 are in Tegucigalpa. Advertising support for the U.S. pork promotion included placements on two radio networks, four television stations, one magazine, three traditional newspapers and one web-based newspaper. La Colonia customers were invited to purchase six new U.S. pork offerings – bone-in loin, boneless loin, back ribs, bone-in ham, smoked ham and pork feet.

Chef Lorena Velazquez showcases U.S. pork on Honduran television

Customers were also invited to attend a TV cooking program with the popular chef Lorena Velazquez. About 150 homemakers attended the broadcast.

“Nearly 500,000 pounds of the six new U.S. pork cuts were sold during the three-month promotion,” said Gerardo Rodriguez, USMEF director of trade development for Central America and the Dominican Republic. “These results reflect a very successful product launch, and we are encouraged that La Colonia has continued to offer the new cuts even after the promotion has concluded. These cuts gaining traction in the retail meat case will really expand the availability of U.S. pork in Honduras and encourage its use in the local cuisine.”

Honduras has developed into a mainstay market for U.S. pork and pork variety meat, often ranking among the top 10 global destinations. In 2012, exports to Honduras totaled 20,115 metric tons (44.3 million pounds) valued at $46.4 million. This was a 3 percent increase in volume over 2011, while value declined 2 percent.