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EU Beef Importers Meet with USMEF Team

Published: May 16, 2013
Nearly two dozen European beef importers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom met with USMEF representatives recently to explore opportunities to expand U.S. exports to the region.

Dan Halstrom, USMEF’s senior vice president for global marketing and communications, and John Brook, USMEF’s regional director for Europe, Russia and the Middle East, were accompanied by Felipe Macias, USMEF’s newest representative who is based in Madrid, Spain. Macias previously served as general manager of the Serrano Ham Manufacturers Association in Europe.

“Certainly the environment for Europe’s beef industry is challenging as domestic cattle prices are high and packers are losing fairly heavily on each animal processed,” said Brook. “But it is encouraging to hear the enthusiasm for U.S. beef and the progress that is continually being made in widening our client base.”

Macias can be reached at:

Felipe Macias
c/o Hernández Rubín, 19N
28043 Madrid, Spain
Tel.: +34 609 03 49 15