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‘Cowboy Grill’ Demonstrates U.S. Beef’s Quality in Peru

Published: Nov 13, 2015

Chef Maria Rey offers cooking tips for U.S. beef at a USMEF grilling demonstration in Arequipa, Peru

To encourage more consumption of U.S. beef in southwestern Peru, USMEF organized a grilling demonstration at the Don Goyo facility in Arequipa, the country’s second most populous city. Don Goyo is a retail butcher and a very active meat importer in the region.

With a theme of “Cowboy Grill,” the demonstration included a presentation by well-known Argentinean chef Maria Rey, who gave the audience preparation and cooking tips for U.S. beef. USMEF representatives also provided information about U.S. beef’s quality and versatility, along with advice on how and where to find the product.

“Peru was once a destination primarily reserved for U.S. beef livers and other variety meats, but with customers now seeking a much greater range of beef cuts, proper meat handling and cold chain practices have become more imperative,” said Jessica Julca, USMEF representative in South America. “Don Goyo invited all its top clients to this event, and used it as an opportunity to train the sales force.”

USMEF Representative Jessica Julca discusses U.S. beef production and the advantages of U.S. beef at the Don Goyo facility

Don Goyo sources U.S. beef through Inversiones Pecuarias Lurin S.A. (INPELSA). Julca noted that Don Goyo’s customers tend to be higher income families, many of which are affiliated with mining companies in the area.

U.S. beef cuts cooked at the grilling demonstration were tri-tip, outside skirt and striploin.

“We decided to conduct this ‘Cowboy Grill’ activity a week before Perumin 2015, a mining convention that generates activity throughout the city, especially at hotels and restaurants,” said Julca. “ Timing this campaign with the upcoming mining convention allowed us to attract the attention of more people.”