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Alternative Beef Cuts Showcased in Jordan

Published: Oct 14, 2015

USMEF promoted alternative cuts of U.S. beef in Amman, Jordan, at an event titled, “U.S. Beef Takes Care of Your Health.”

To promote alternative cuts of U.S. beef for the foodservice and retail sectors in Jordan, USMEF organized “U.S. Beef Takes Care of Your Health,” a live cooking and tasting promotion at The Meat Master gourmet meat store in Amman. Funding support was provided by the Beef Checkoff Program.

The four-day promotion focused on chilled beef muscle cuts – specifically top sirloin butt, sirloin top medallions, brisket and flank steak – as well as other Choice and Prime cuts of U.S. beef. Foodservice professionals and retail representatives interested in learning more about U.S. beef, especially chilled, participated in a number of educational events and cooking demonstrations.

“Over the past three years, USMEF has focused on building a period of retail renaissance for U.S. beef in Jordan,” said Lina Kanaan, USMEF representative in the Middle East. “Our collaboration with Kaylani Food Center, which is the supplier for The Meat Master store and a long-time buyer of U.S. chilled and frozen beef, has been very constructive. U.S. beef promotions at The Meat Master are the unique strategy employed to grow the U.S. share of chilled alternative cuts and traditional middle meats in Jordan’s retail and foodservice sectors.”

Live cutting and grilling demonstrations were conducted by Mahmoud Abu Tahnat, general manager of The Meat Master. Teaming with USMEF representatives, Tahnat and his crew of butchers prepared beef cuts and plated them with a salad garnish for sampling at a USMEF booth.

A booth was set up during the promotion to offer U.S. beef tasting samples and educational materials

Among those who visited the promotion were Manal El Shafie, who serves as chef at the residence of U.S. Ambassador Alice G. Wells, and Noeila Sales, manager of the ambassador’s residence. Following discussions and live cooking demonstrations, they placed orders of U.S. beef petite tenders, rump and flat iron for upcoming functions at the residence.

Kanaan reported that following the promotion Kaylani Food Center placed an order for mixed frozen U.S. beef items, including alternative cuts.

“The promotion helped us secure placement of four cuts of U.S. beef at The Meat Master for the first time,” said Kanaan. “It provided momentum for sales of U.S. beef and thrilled the store owners. In-store promotion is one of the primary ways that the U.S. beef industry can interact directly with consumers and promote awareness that U.S. beef is a grain-fed, safe, tender, tasty and affordable product.”

The U.S. beef promotion also drew media attention, as Layalina magazine took special interest in the activity and assigned a photographer to document the event for Layalina’s print and online publications. Layalina’s coverage can be found online.