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AgTC Will Hold Minneapolis Workshop Dec. 12

Published: Nov 11, 2011
The Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) is holding a Minneapolis Ag Shipper Workshop on Dec. 12. The workshop is an opportunity for ag exporters to raise questions and make observations in an informal, off-the-record (no press, no carriers) atmosphere that encourages frank and constructive discussion of ag transportation issues and solutions.

The AgTC has lined up three guests:
  • Doug MacDonald, Canadian National Railway, VP for Corporate Marketing
  • Edward Zaninelli, VP OOCL Trans-Pacific Westbound
  • Bob Reinecke Director, Midwest Sales, Hanjin Shipping

The agenda is:
8:30 a.m. Check-In
9:00 a.m. Welcome & Introductions, luncheon served at noon
  • Ocean-forecasting, service equipment and availability, and costs.
  • Automated Export System Option 4. CBP slow to understand export realities. Will Option 4 post departure filing be reinstated? Who will be eligible?
  • Rail. Can ag shippers get rail service where it is needed? At affordable rates? Are new rail routes and services in the offing?
  • Economic Stimulus/Infrastructure Spending. New facilities for Midwest ag cargo.
  • Trucking. New hours of service regs effective in December will cut drivers' time behind the wheel, and drive up trucking costs. Truck weight limits could be increased, with dramatic efficiency and cost savings for ag shippers.
  • Ports. Will Port of Longview's grain labor dispute set a precedent for port labor competition? Which ports can handle transload volumes, which ports are planning for transload?
  • YOUR Concerns: This is a forum for YOU to raise YOUR concerns. Informal and off the record.
2:00 p.m. Workshop Concludes

Fee: $25 for AgTC Members; $105 for Non-Members.

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